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Request for Proposal - Director of Regional Emergency Management Service

Request for Proposal - Director of Regional Emergency Management Service

Pincher Creek Regional Emergency Management Organization 

Request for Proposal (RFP) for Director of Regional Emergency Management (RDEM) Service 


The Pincher Creek Regional Emergency Management Organisation (REMO) has recently completed their agreement with the MD of Pincher Creek, Town of Pincher Creek and Village of Cowley and in order to achieve the objectives, the organization is seeking proposals from interested parties or individual(s) to provide DEM services for 2019.  The position would be a 12 month contract position to act as the Regional DEM and during the contract period, there will be an expectation for the successful individual to provide recommendations to the REMO to develop training for Municipal Staff from the Partner Municipalities as well plan and activate at least one practical exercise during the contract.

The DEM will work in cooperation with the Municipal District of Pincher Creek, the Town of Pincher Creek and Village of Cowley reporting to the Municipal District Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) and the REMO Advisory Committee. The DEM must have time to attend meetings and events in the Municipalities and attend Provincial Sponsored activities directly related to Emergency Management in the Province. 

REMO meets the last Thursday of January, March, June and October, currently at the MD Administration Building 1037 Herron Avenue Pincher Creek Alberta. A laptop is provided to the DEM by the MD of Pincher Creek and expense funds for travel and subsistence as well as training of staff will be provided by REMO. 

The deadline for submission of proposals is January 15, 2019.

Please submit an electronic copy and a hard copy of the response to the expression of Interest to ( CAO MD of Pincher Creek, Box 279, 1037 Herron Avenue, Pincher Creek, Alberta. T0K 1W0  

Scope of Work


Reporting to the Chief Administrative Officer of the MD of Pincher Creek, the Regional Director of Emergency Management (RDEM) will be responsible for the development and successful operation of the Pincher Creek Regional Emergency Management Organization (REMO) program for the MD of Pincher Creek, Town of Pincher Creek and the Village of Cowley. This position will be responsible to create “all hazards” preparedness, response, recovery and business continuity plans to deal with natural and/or man-made large scale emergencies and disasters.  The REMO program will be based on industry “best practices” and the RDEM will assure that the program/plans coordinate appropriately with local, provincial and federal regulations.

The RDEM will be responsible for the mitigation of potential hazards, response to incidents, coordination of recovery efforts and business continuity planning. This position will lead the development of a collective training program of various municipal staff(s), volunteers, and other agencies in all aspects of emergency management with a focus on effective response and recovery from emergency incidents.  

During an emergency, the RDEM will assume the duties of the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Director and will lead the response, making adjustments to or prioritizing certain actions if necessary. These actions may include ordering evacuations, coordinating the communication plans and search/rescue activities, or the activation of reception centers for those displaced by the emergency. Following an emergency, the RDEM will lead the re-entry and recovery efforts to return the affected communities back to normalcy.

The successful applicant will possess a number of excellent skills including oral and written communication skills, critical-thinking skillsdecision making skills, interpersonal skills and leadership skills.

Statement of Qualifications

REMO is seeking to contract with an interested party or an individual who can provide the skills and time required to achieve the objectives as set out in the Terms of Reference. Please provide the qualifications that an individual holds which will lead to successful outcomes in the submission made by the deadline date. 

Proposed Cost of Service 

Provide a cost proposal to accomplish the REMO objectives. 

The proposal must include all costs that are necessary to successfully complete these activities.

Please note that the lowest/best bid will not be used as the sole basis for entering into this contract.

The cost of preparing the proposal is the responsibility of the proposer. 

For the Terms of Reference for the position, please click here