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Land Use Bylaw No. 1289-18 - Draft Copy

BYLAW NO. 1289-18

Proposed Bylaw No. 1289-18 is a complete overhaul of Land Use Bylaw No. 1140-08.

This change was necessary with the changes to the Municipal Government Act, the South Saskatchewan Region Plan and federal rules governing Telecommunication Towers.

The marked up version of Bylaw No. 1289-18 is available here. The changes are indicated throughout the document.

Some note of importance include:

  • Setbacks from all MD Roads (developed or undeveloped) has been reduced from 50 m to 30 m.
  • The definition of Hardship has been added.
  • The definition of Mass Wasting has been added.
  • The introduction of Cannabis into the Land Use Bylaw. 
  • The determination of a complete develop permit and subdivision application is explained further.
  • Telecommunication Siting Protocol is explained further within Section 60.
  • There were no zoning changes.
  • The maps were reformatted for easier reading.
  • The application forms have been removed from the bylaw.