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Important Changes to Fire Services

Important Changes to Fire Services

Important Changes to Fire Services within the Municipal District of Pincher Creek No. 9

Council for the MD of Pincher Creek, at their meeting held September 11, 2018, rescinded Bylaw No. 1234-13, which gave Council the ability to pay the costs of some firefighting services on behalf of their residents.

With the rescinding of Bylaw No. 1234-13, all firefighting costs will be the responsibility of the landowner where the fire occurred. 

Bylaw No. 1201-10, being the bylaw to impose fees and charges for services and activities provided by the Pincher Creek Emergency Services, can be found here.  

Bylaw No.1234-13, the rescinded Amendment to Bylaw No. 1201-10, can be found here.

The decision to rescind Bylaw No. 1234-13 was not made lightly, Council carefully discussed and deliberated this decision.

It was determined, based on observations, that the majority of MD residents have response insurance coverage included in their personal protection home insurance, and it was no longer necessary for all MD taxpayers to subsidize firefighting costs.

It is vitally important that all residents check with their insurance providers to ensure that adequate response protection insurance is in place.

The requisition monies collected for the Pincher Creek Emergency Services Commission provides the equipment, buildings, training and resources available to fight the fires; it does not cover the firefighting costs.

What Do I Get For My Municipal Taxes?

Summer Road Graveling Program

Community RCMP Officer

Road Maintenance (Washouts, Pot Holes)

Use of Library System

Dust Control Program

Use of Town’s Recreation Facilities

Bridge/Culvert Inspection Program

Family and Community Support Services

Snow Plowing Program

Seniors Housing Funding

Roadside Grass Mowing Program

Emergency Services

Water Treatment and Distribution
Emergency Management

Park and Green Space Maintenance

Not For Profit Organization Funding Support

Weed and Pest Control Programs

Local Recycle Depot Funding Support

Waste Disposal, Removal and Landfill Fees

Planning and Development Services

Capital Improvement Projects           

Elected Council and Appointed Board Funding

Dead Stock Removal Program

Animal Control and Facilities

Water Storage (Dams)