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Dust Control Product

Dust Control Product

The M.D.’s dust suppression season is just beginning and you may notice trucks on the gravel roads applying a dark colored liquid. This is a method of stabilizing the light materials on the surface of a gravel road. Once applied, the dust that would normally be generated from passing vehicles is minimized.

The product the M.D. of Pincher Creek uses is called “lignosulfonate”, which is a naturally occurring polymer found in wood that acts like glue. During the pulping process, lignin is separated from the wood and undergoes an extensive process and eventually becomes a sodium based lignosulfonate. It works by binding the road surface particles together. Water evaporates from the lignin as it dries, and the dust particles are trapped by the high-viscosity, naturally sticky material. The M.D. applies this product on an annual basis to certain high traffic areas in the Municipality.

Extensive studies have been conducted to assess the effects of lignosulfonates on the environment. Results show that they are not harmful to plants, animals or aquatic life when properly applied. When it is first applied to the roads it is completely water soluble and can be washed off of vehicles using simple soap and water, this is also why there have been issues in the past if there is a large amount of rain immediately after applying the product, therefore making it less effective. Over time the lignin becomes completely insoluble due to solar heating thus allowing longer dust suppression on the roads.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding dust control products being used, please contact the M.D. at 403 627 3130 or email