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Municipal District of

Pincher Creek


Beaver Mines/Lundbreck Utilities

Beaver Mines Utilities:

  • The Hamlet of Beaver Mines has no municipal water or wastewater services;
  • There is weekly garbage pick-up on Tuesday’s, or Wednesday if Tuesday is a holiday.

Lundbreck Utilities:

  • The Hamlet of Lundbreck has municipal water and wastewater services to properties;
  • There is weekly garbage pick-up on Thursday’s or Friday if Thursday is a holiday.
  • These services are billed bi-monthly and charged on the first of the month in February, April, June, August, October and December.

Water/Sewer Hook-ups

  • The required application form for water/wastewater hook up may be obtained at the MD Administration Office.
  • A fee will be charged:
    • when public works has to connect any water utilities that have been physically disconnected;
    • for connection to any new residence/building;
    • for reconnection resulting from a disconnection that has resulted from a non-payment of account;
    • for reconnection resulting from construction on the property
  • This charge will be waived if the account is being transferred to a new property owner when no physical connection is required
  • Reconnection requires 48 hours’ notice to our administration office.

New Services

  • The customer is responsible for costs required to install the water/wastewater services and have the connections installed;
  • The MD supplies a water meter to be installed by the owner on all buildings connected to the water distribution system;
  • The MD is responsible for maintaining services to the customer's property line;
  • Contact the MD’s Public Works Department for further information;
  • All billing inquiries should be made directly to the MD’s Administration office.