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Municipal District of

Pincher Creek


Making Payments

Payments on outstanding accounts can be made in any of the following ways:

By Mail

Cheques can be mailed to:

MD of Pincher Creek No 9
Box 279
Pincher Creek AB T0K 1W0

Please ensure that your roll number or customer ID is written on the cheque and that the return portion of your invoice is enclosed. The envelope must be postmarked by Canada Post on or before the due date, otherwise late payment penalties will be added.

In Person

Payment can be made at the administration office during regular office hours. A drop box is available at the administration office for payments made after office hours.

Online Banking

Online banking is available with all of the major Canadian banks and some local credit unions. Please ensure to select the applicable payee: utilities, taxes, or accounts receivable when setting up your payment.

How to pay Online. Please see the steps below in order to set up the MD as a payee on your online banking account.

  1. Log into your personal bank website.
  2. Click “Add Payee”
  3. Search “Pincher”
  4. On the list should be
  5. Pincher Creek No 9 (MD): Accts Rec
  6. Pincher Creek No 9 (MD): Property Tax or
  7. Pincher Creek No 9 (MD): Utilities
  8. (Choose which account you are paying)
  9. Account number:
  10. Taxes – this will be your 7 digit ROLL number. Note, only enter numbers, not the decimal point. Example: Roll Number 1234.000, enter 1234000
  11. Utilities/Accounts Receivable – this will be your 5 digit CUSTOMER number. Note, only enter numbers, not the decimal point. Example: Customer Number 123.00, enter 12300

*** EACH roll/utility/accounts receivable requires its own account to ensure correct payment is received. DO NOT pay all tax accounts towards one roll number, or use a utility account to pay taxes. The information that is provided by your bank to the Municipal District of Pincher Creek office will be how the payment is applied to your account(s). It is up to you to ensure you are paying the correct account. If you are unsure of your account/roll numbers, please call the Administration office at 403-627- 3130 or contact us.

Depending on your financial institution it could take up to 3 business days for the Municipal District of Pincher Creek to receive the payment. To ensure you are paying on time, plan accordingly to avoid penalty or late fees. Contact your banking institution for any further clarification on these options.

The types of payments that the MD accepts are:

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Postdated cheque
  • Bank draft
  • Interact
  • Credit Card (please note that credit card is NOT accepted for property tax payments)
  • Tax Installment Payment Plan