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Stewardship and Conservation

Agricultural & Environmental Services - Environment and Conservation

  • Environmental Farm Plan
    • Interested in completing an Environmental Farm Plan? Contact Agricultural and Environmental Services for assistance! We can provide a hard copy workbook, or set you up to access the web book online. For information on what the Environmental Farm Plan is, and how it can benefit your operation, go to


Portable Off-Stream Watering Unit

  • The Agricultural Service Board of the MD of Pincher Creek supports good stewardship and best management practices. We are excited to promote the use of off-stream livestock watering systems and we now have a fully portable unit available to deploy. We are hoping to demonstrate the benefits that off-stream watering can provide to both herd health and the environment while offering a “try before you buy” option to our producers.
  • Initial trial periods will be limited to two weeks and priority will be given to those producers that offer a reasonably accessible site and are willing to allow others to view the system in situ. All user agreements will be made at the discretion of AES staff.

Allowing Cattle Direct Access To Surface Waters Can Lead To:

Environmental Degradation:

  • Damage to banks of ponds, streams, creeks and rivers
  • Erosion, sediment loading and increased turbidity in water source and downstream
  • Excess nutrient enrichment of waterways
  • Rapid growth of weeds and algae

Herd Health Problems:

  • Spread of water borne diseases
  • Foot Rot
  • Mastitis
  • Leg Injuries

Sundog Solar Sundog Classic Portable Watering System:

  • Pump can lift water up to 45 feet @ 1.7 gpm to 30 gpm @ 5 feet of lift
  • Capable of watering between 27 – 338 cow calf pairs
  • Trough capacity is 400 gallons
  • 250 watt solar panel with four, deep cycle, 6 volt, 232 amp batteries
  • Contact us today to arrange a trial! 403-627-3130


Agricultural & Environmental Services - Services

  • Deadstock Pick-Up and Removal Program
    • The MD of Pincher Creek in cooperation with the Waterton Biosphere Reserve Carnivore Working Group has implemented a program to effectively remove and dispose of the carcasses of cattle. The purpose of the initiative is to remove these attractants from the landscape and effectively reduce human –carnivore conflict. This is being achieved by the availability of bear-proof bins to deposit carcasses in along with on-site pick up by Southern Alberta Processors when necessary for larger stock and horses with all costs covered by the program.
    • To be eligible for the program, a producer must have land that falls within the Carnivore Conflict Area (as defined by Alberta Environment Sustainable Resource Development). If transporting and disposing of any cattle carcasses,  producers must have a valid CFIA SRM transport permit which are currently being issued at no cost and on an annual basis.
    • Applications for the program and related permits can be obtained from the MD of Pincher Creek Administration Building.
    • For more information on mitigating conflict with large carnivores, please visit

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