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Equipment Sales Rentals and Services

The Agricultural & Environmental Services Department has a variety of pieces of equipment for rent including:

  • Electronic Livestock Scale
  • Livestock Squeeze
  • Corral Panels
  • Loading Chute
  • Off Stream Solar Waterer
  • Electric Fence Unit
  • Live Skunk Traps
  • Cattle Drive Signs

Note:  Livestock equipment must be cleaned by a pressure washer before it is returned, to prevent the spread of livestock disease.  Failure to pressure wash will result in an additional charge being levied.

  • Herbicide sales for the control of Prohibited Noxious and Noxious weeds:
    • Premixed 2-4-D/Banvel with blue marker dye, can be purchased in 10 litre jugs by residents.  The application for product includes notes on the land location where the product is to be used.
  • Strychnine Poison can be purchased for the control of gophers.  The product is registered to the landowner and procedures for its use are restricted. 
    • Please call the Agricultural Services Manager (403-627-3130), for more information.
  • All equipment rental and product sales are subject to availability, and offered at the user’s risk.
  • Please call for rates and additional information.