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Municipal District of

Pincher Creek



Election Day is October 16, 2017. An advance poll will be held on October 11, 2017. 

2017 Election – Candidates Nomination Information:

Division 1:

     Stevick, Quentin – Acclaimed

Division 2:

     Lemire, Rick

     Schoening, Fred C. (Incumbent)

Division 3:

     Everts, Bev

     Judd, Tom

     Marchuk, Garry (Incumbent)

Division 4:

     Hammond, Brian – Acclaimed

Division 5:

     Olsen, Ernie

     Yagos, Terry (Incumbent)

Candidate Training

The SLGM, in partnership with Alberta Municipal Affairs, will be offering five (5) training sessions for potential candidates and their campaign workers in various cities across Alberta. There is no charge for these sessions - but attendees must register. Click here for more information.