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Request for Qualification Municipal District of Pincher Creek No. 9Beaver Mines Regional Water Supply Project - Mechanical ResultsBelow are the successful qualified contractors (in alphabetical order)... [Read More]

For the November 13, 2018 Council Committee Agenda Package, please click here. For the November 13, 2018 Council Meeting Agenda Package, please click here. For the November 14, 2018 Special Council Me... [Read More]

Water allocation is the process of licensing water supplies for diversion and use from our rivers and lakes in the province. The Surface Water Allocation Directive (‘The Directive’) provides consisten... [Read More]

For the information presented at the October 29, 2018 Kenow Fire Community Meeting,  including the draft notes, please click HERE

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Please click HERE to view the CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) job posting.  

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BYLAW NO. 1289-18Proposed Bylaw No. 1289-18 is a complete overhaul of Land Use Bylaw No. 1140-08.This change was necessary with the changes to the Municipal Government Act, the South Saskatchewan Regi... [Read More]

The Farm Health and Safety Producer Grant Program has officially been launched.  Here is a link to the news release.  All the details for the program can be found at: 

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Residents are reminded of Corporate Policy C-PW-003 – Winter Maintenance of Municipally Directed, Controlled and Managed Roads and Airport Surfaces. Bus routes, and short connector portions of local r... [Read More]

For the Pincher Creek Emergency Services Commission Inspection Report, please click here.

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TAX INSTALMENT PAYMENT PLAN (TIPP)You might want to consider taking advantage of the Tax Instalment Payment Plan this year. TIPP eliminates the risk of penalties and makes budgeting easier.If you pay ... [Read More]

For the results to the Recreation Questionnaire, please click here. 

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For the Wind Energy Questionnaire results, please click here

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